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Cámara Millenium de Panavision

Millennium (1997) – The Panaflex Millennium is a sync-sound 35 mm motion picture camera. Where the Panavision Platinum was mostly an evolution and refinement of the original 1972 Panaflex, the Millennium is a totally new design, incorporating a new twin sprocket drum movement, major electronics revisions, and a general weight reduction from 24 to 17 lb (7.7 kg). The Millennium is capable of 3-50frame/s forward and reverse, though reverse running requires a reversing magazine, and it has a focal-plane shutter, the aperture angle of which can be adjusted electronically while the camera is running between 11.2° and 180° allowing for four stops of exposure ramping within a shot with no iris adjustment. All of the focus, iris, and zoom motor controls have been moved to the camera’s internal circuitry, removing the need for cumbersome external circuit boxes, and it has an integrated camera built into the lens light, allowing the  HYPERLINK “http://www.imdb.com/Glossary/F” \l “first_ac” 1st AC to see witness marks without having to physically look at the lens. It also has a brighter viewfinder than the Platinum, multiple run switches, and footage counters on either side of the camera for easier readings.

The Millennium continues the Panavision tradition of excellence in the design and manufacture of 35mm film cameras. It is fully compatible with previous Panaflex® camera systems and retains many of the most popular features. Designed to be the ultimate studio quiet camera, yet it is easily converted for Steadicam® use, video finder or video only applications. Many new features have been introduced to speed film production and extend the Panaflex® heritage.

Summary of Features:
· 3-50 fps, crystal speed control, selectable in 1/1000th of a frame increments
· New movement materials and advanced coatings for reduced lubrication requirements
· Full size, full speed, rotating reflex mirror
· Behind the lens filter
· Focal plane shutter
· Pivoting dual sided digital display showing speed, film footage, shutter angle
· Additional status indicator and speed/footage display on operator side
· Rear operator panel for speed and shutter setting with full display and connector for included remote
· Internal servo motor control electronics for focus, T-stop and zoom
· Internal motorized shutter, 11.2 to 180 degrees
· Faceplate connectors for focus, T-stop and zoom motors
· Wired or wireless remote control
· RS232 communications port for status updates, control via remote computer and future software upgrades
· Iris rod bracket with 24 and 12 VDC power connectors
· Lens light with internal video camera and LCD witness monitor
· Separate remote control for timed speed and shutter compensated shots
· 400′ and 1000′ lightweight composite magazines with full reversing motors

· Easily detachable viewing system for quick conversion to Steadicam® mode, video finder or other video only applications (no tools required)
· Proper image orientation when changing from hand held configuration to a studio finder
· Left and right eye positioning enhances the usability of the hand held eyepiece
· Telescoping extension finder maintains constant focus and image magnification throughout the entire range
· All finders incorporate internal focus mechanisms
· Improved optical eye relief for maximum comfort
· Format screen and ground glass are interchangeable

· Optimal image for use with 1-Take® digital video assist
· Internal iris for exposure control
· Clear format screen replaces the traditional ground glass
· Very light sensitive—matches up to 2000 ASA film
· Flicker-free at all camera speeds
· Freeze and compare picture modes
· Electronic de-anamorphoser
· RGB output for on-set compositing and enhanced picture
· Auto color balance or two pre-set color temperatures
· Multiple gain settings
· Picture interpolation for enhanced picture quality
· Frameline and character generator
· Film camera speed and footage display—outputs to video display
· Integrates Panatape™ footage display
· Two composite video outputs


The Millennium is a lightweight studio quiet camera that can be quickly converted into hand held or Steadicam® configuration. Camera speed is from 3–50 fps and the 11.2–180º internal motorized shutter allows for a four stop ramp speed change.

· 3-50 frames per second
· 11.2-180 motorized shutter
· Remote witness camera monitor
· Lens light with built-in witness camera
· 5″ on board video monitor
· Left/right eye positionable hand held eyepiece
· Telescoping extension eyepiece
· Viewing system detaches quickly for Steadicam® conversion
· Enhanced video image, optionally bypassing ground glass
· Flicker free video assist with RGB video out
· Internal focus, T-stop and zoom motor control
· Internal or (integral) faceplate connectors for focus, T-stop and zoom motors
· Digital link wireless control
· Modular follow focus
· Hand held remote for camera on/off and speed/shutter control
· Fully adjustable hand held grip assembly
· Multiple camera status displays

· MCV Millennium Color Video Tap – Substantially improved picture quality and optional ground glass optical bypass system for further video enhancement, flicker free, electronic deanamorphoser
· 24 volt Batteries
· PLLV Panalens Lite with built-in Video Witness Camera (includes additional on board Witness Monitor)
· LCDM5 On Board Video Monitor – On Board Monitor can be used for hand held operation without optical viewfinder
· FSE Sunshade Extension
· MFFGB Modular Follow Focus with single and dual speed knob for ramp speed shots
· LAC Camera On/Off and Speed/Shutter Control Unit
· MEPX Telescoping Eyepiece Extension with Magnifier and Internal Heater – Maintains constant focus and image magnification
· MSCCP Steadicam® Adapter Plates
· MIRB Iris Rod Bracket with 24 and 12 volt DC Outlets
· HHPCH2 Hand held Panaclear Handle 2
· MB Wide Angle Matte Box
· MGG Ground Glass (Panaglow) or optional clear Format Screen
· MGFH Box (12) Gelatin Filter Holders
· HHGA Hand held Accessories (new, fully adjustable, ergonomically designed hand held grip assembly)
· IRISROD 3 Pairs of Iris Rods
· SRB Short Iris Rod Bracket
· PCM Sliding Base Plate
· EPL-M Eyepiece Leveler
· MEPP Hand held Eyepiece with Internal Heater (left and right eye positioning)
· FFX Follow Focus Extension 12″
· FXHL Speed Crank/L-Handle
· MWP Weather Protector



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